VC-Roto Engine

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What we do

We are involved in commercialization of the invention of VC - ROTO engines. 

We undertake joint venture projects with clients for developing Pilot VC – Roto Engine systems. We gained the know-how from years of R&D in developing prototypes of the technology.


“To successfully Design, Develop, Commercialize and Integrate VC Roto tech engine systems into the mainstream transport and power industry”

Our Strength

We leverage the competitive advantage of its ‘RVCR Proposition’ to achieve its objective.

we have successfully build up capability in the High-End engineering forte of Prime-Mover Technology Design & development for making inroads into the niche commercial R&D business. GYATK owns the IPR (commercial exclusivity) through secured Patents, and licenses Both IPR and technologies to OEM’s. we have developed a robust network of Value chain partners, in contractual relationship.

Our Approach

The transport industry comprises of large corporations dominating individual segments (like passenger car, Long Haul trailer, Tractors) and apply segment specific innovation. Their elaborate operations architecture with numerous departments for specialized activities does-not allow ‘Top-Down’ technology revamping through new breakthroughs. They are entrenched in deep in-cycle investments in self-developed technologies and cost intensive incremental innovations of existing systems in their large, centralized facilities developed over decades. We, being an innovation driven startup, are invested in new seed breakthrough concept at the onset of its life cycle and developing core technological skeleton for varied segment-based product applications of entire transport and energy industry.

The Business Operations

GYATK initiated its ‘RVCR Techno-Commercial Endeavour’ for achieving its objective and focused on 4 key areas, namely: – IPR Management, Technology development, Proto-Project Execution and Commercialization and has gained immensely from it in the following areas.

  • Expertise in Design & Technology Development of RVCR Concept (I.C. Engine).
  • Patenting & IP Rights Management.
  • Executing Legal Licensing agreement.
  • Revenues Generation through D&D services for pilot prototypes.
  • Expanded its base in markets with higher acceptance of RVCR at early stage (EU).
  • Developed a robust supply chain through contractual Partnering for its business process globally.
  • RVCR Technology grounding sense check at national/ international Platforms. (For validation)
  • Expertise in Project Execution in Pilot Proto and Product Development.
  • Innovation Management for the highly specialised demand for RVCR Technology.
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