VC-Roto Engine

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Awards & Credits

Selected By

  • Selected by DSIR under TePP Ph1 scheme for grants by GOI. 
  • Selected by KSIDC (Kerala State Govt) as an innovation for angel Funding. 
  • European Technical center Warwick, team headed by Dr Clive Hickman; 2006 to 2007 that lead to the commercial agreement with a Leading Auto Manufacturer in India.

  • Selected by DSIR under TePP Ph2 scheme for grants by GOI.

  • IC Square institute of University of Texas at Austin. Where RVCR was rewarded as a gold medallist and chosen for free commercialization mentoring.

Funded By

  • European Commission SME instrument scheme Horizon 2020 (2015-16) 
  • Unified Assessment by D. G of Shipping of the RVCR Project (2015-2016). Issued Recommendation letter based on techno-commercial study  


  • Global Clean Tech Open San Francisco USA 2014 and UNIDO, United Nations Industrial Development Corporation. in 2014. Which launched the RVCR in the European Arena.
  • Selected semi-finalist Clean Technology Initiative Private Financing Advisory Network, Japan, under Asia Forum Clean Energy Financing. 7 (2016) 
  • Selected by NRDC Expert Panel for National Innovation 2017. Issued a letter of appreciation  
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