VC-Roto Engine

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About Us

We have the competency in undertaking projects for designing, developing, and delivering, customized VC- Roto technology engines for market segment specific application. We partner with OEM’s, manufacturers and stake holders of the transport and power industry to develop products powered by VC roto tech engines.

Our drive

Unlike established Industry players who are pushed by ‘need driven innovation’ to adapt to its market needs, we are driven by new possibilities of new breakthrough concepts enabling new paradigm in dealing with climate drivers. We have a unique technology solution that helps transitioning the existing business structures for catering to zero emission ecosystem and we have 1st entrant advantage.


To be global leaders in engine technologies markets with game changing innovations


To develop and deliver newer game changing ‘green fuel engine technologies’ by continually exploring:- novel concepts, newer designs, and game-changing innovations, for enabling global transport and energy markets with long term strategies for a sustainable carbon neutral future.

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