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Pioneering future green fuel engines

Pioneering future green fuel engines

Who we are?

Pioneers of VC - roto tech
We are engineering an evolutionary leap in engine technology for the 21st century global demand of environ-responsible engines. We are facilitating the smooth global technological transition to ease green fuel usage in engines.

What we do ?

We have developed the world’s 1st ever Rotary VCR engine technology that enables easy viable usage of Green Fuels in Engines. We license the technology know-how and along with IPR to clients for manufacture, use, and for commercial sale of VC-Roto systems.

Why VC – Roto Engine Tech ?

Green fuel source count is increasing; however, the lack of technology is the critical constraint to convert it to the clean power demand. VC Roto tech addresses this industry pain point. VC -Roto tech ‘fuel-agnostic’ engines effectively connects the supply of green fuel to clean power.

The technology


The genesis of VC – Roto tech is in the invention in Machine mechanisms by Er. Ajee Kamath. It simplifies the way the energy released in green sources of fuel is converted to torque (turning of the wheels). It attains the coveted VCR (Variable compression ratio) feature.

VC -Roto tech is a new addition in root mechanisms that simplifies conversion of energy within fluids into mechanical work (and vice versa) whilst enhancing efficiency and miniaturization.

Value and strategic gains

The viable Zero carbon engine tech.
Environmental concerns are opening newer markets for various green fuels, like Bio-Fuels, Hydrogen, ammonia, LPG, LNG, ethanol etc. VC -Roto technology opens door for engines capable of switching between any green fuel and to any fossil fuel, in Realtime. The technology for smooth transition to a green fuel is here.


The VC-Roto engine transcends beyond mere technological innovation. It carries significant implications for the future of transportation and energy, poised to revolutionize the way we approach fuel consumption and environmental impact. How does it do this? Being fuel cost equalizer for green and fossil fuels.

R&D Services

Redefining the landscape

Inventing is about imagination and thought experimenting with newer concepts using scientific means. After ideation it needs to be realized by incubating it through various processes. This process of machine design is all about application of engineering principles for designing of a system based on RVCR principle. It was a formidable challenge. It can be comprehended by the fact that, (today within the industry with established and fully operational design centers), a serious engine or turbine innovation projects (like say VCR or VVT technology) takes about a decade to complete. The entire process of technology development owing to its arduousness and its immense value is termed as high value design. It’s highly cost and time intensive and requires super specialized industrial facilities. It is a very niche field of extreme engineering excellence.

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